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Dylan's Candy Bar Time Capsule - 1970's

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We've unearthed the tastiest time capsules of all! Filled to the brim with decade specific treats, our capsules are sure to bring back sweet memories!

This 1970's Capsule includes: Pop Rocks Strawberry, Hubba Bubba Watermelon, Reeses Pieces, Twix, U-NO Bar, Gobstopper, Spree Rolls, Necco Wafer, Sixlets, Chick O Stick. (Products included may slightly vary).

Details & Nutrition

20s Capsule - Baby Ruth,Chuckles,Good N Plenty,Milky Way,Mounds,Mr. Goodbar,O'Henry,Reeses Peanut Butter Cups,Raisinets,Tootsie Rolls,Hersheys with Almonds,Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar,Chicklets Peppermint,Life Saver Rolls,Idaho Spud* - 842606010126

50s Capsule - Bit-O-Honey,Candy Buttons,Caramel Cream Trays,Pay Day,Doscher Chewy,Taffy Chocolate,Jujyfruits,Nik L Nip,Tea Berry Gum,Wax Lips,Whoppers,Hot Tamales* -842606010133

60s Capsule - Big Hunk,Fruit Stripe Gum Original,Look Bar,Slo Poke Bar,Razzles,Bottle Caps,Fun Dip,Sweet Tarts Chewy,Sweet Tarts,Charleston Chew Vanilla,Chunkies,Mallow Cup,Lemon Heads* - 842606010140

70s Capsule - Pop Rocks Strawberry,Hubba Bubba Watermelon,Reeses Pieces,Twix,U-NO Bar,Gobstopper,Spree Rolls,Necco Wafer,Sixlets,Chick O Stick* - 842606010157

80s Capsule - Airhead Blue Raspberry,Airhead Cherry,Airhead Green Apple,Airhead Watermelon,Big League Chew Original,Push Pop Jumbo,Nerds Sour Lemon/Apple,Nerds Apple/Lemon,Nerds Gumballs,Nerds Grape/Strawberry,Nerds Watermelon/Cherry,Fruit Runts,Bubble Tape,Tiny Size Chicklets* - 842606010164

*Products included may slightly vary


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