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Dylan's Candy BarN Kitty Face Pop

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Why You Want This

How do you like me meow? This super-fun cat-eyes lollipop is a creative, delicious way to show your purr-fect BarN support! Want to know the best part? 15% of each sale of will be donated directly to the Dylan’s Candy BarN charity.

Dylan's Candy BarN was created by Dylan Lauren, founder & CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar. The granting foundation is committed to supporting animal welfare organizations in need of awareness and sponsoring. Various endeavors include hosting fundraising events, placing animals into good homes, encouraging more adoption, assisting in rescue efforts, ending animal cruelty, providing educational information on proper care and highlighting the value of formal training. The organization is dedicated to making a difference, one animal at a time. So, let’s give our pets a colorful life and wag our tails for a charitable cause!

Details & Nutrition

Kosher Information:
Not Kosher

Allergy Information:
Contains soy. This product may contain traces of wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

4.5 oz