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Harry Potter Notebooks - 4 Pack

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We were like Hermione. We loved going back to school, and not because it was nice to get out from under the stairs. One of our favorite things was the school supply list, but we'll readily admit ours was nothing compared to the one Hogwarts sends. "1 Wand. 1 Cauldron." Target may be busy, but imagine what it would have been like as everyone descended upon Diagon Alley to pick up the new year's supplies. If you can't make it to Diagon Alley, best to shop from the comfort of your own home. This set of four notebooks is perfect for jotting down your observations in Potions class or making detailed sketches and notes in Herbology. The set includes four different Harry Potter themed notebooks. It's great for a group of Harry Potter friends or one very indecisive fan.

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