Dylan's 2015 Easter Collection Inspiration

2015 easter inspiration

Dylan's candy obsession has only one rival – her love for rabbits.
"Bunnies are my favorite animal" – Dylan Lauren
She has more than 3,000 rabbits items in her collection, from stuffed animals, plates, and stationery to hand towels and cookie jars. Bunnies are particularly significant this year, since some of beloved friends are being sent to Chicago to be displayed this summer.

The soft pastel colors of one specific bunny was reminiscent of the beautiful soft palette of easter and influenced the entire collection.

The concept started out as a white rabbit jumping through a can of paint and evolved into an ombre with the signature bunny pattern that is present throughout the packaging.

One of Dylan's favorite pieces is the petite cookies and they way they carry the color and concept from print to the actual product.