Halloween 2015 Inspiration II: Haunted Nights

2015 halloween ii

Boo! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of that first piece of candy hitting your trick-or-treat basket, dressed up in something wickedly cool. Much like wearing a zany costume or unwrapping a slew of goodies, Halloween is an opportunity to seize a few moments away from everyday life and get lost in a fantasy world of fun. Such was the inspiration behind Haunted Nights this year, where nostalgia is the star. The collection aims at celebrating something we can all enjoy: the back-to-basics of a classic spook!

  • "We focused on the classics this year with lots of vibrant colors, iconic silhouettes and a textured, grainy background. The look and feel is lively and sentimental all at the same time, appealing to every age, both young and old. It’s Halloween the way true Halloween should be—spooky, spirited and a ton of fun.”

    –Brian Leister, Creative Director

  • “I was inspired by the traditional Hallow’s Eve. We created different scenes for a sense of movement—a town, a graveyard and a haunted house. We wanted customers to feel like they were experiencing Haunted Nights from lots of different angles. After all, that’s what Halloween is all about.”

    –Suhyun Park, Art Director

With silhouette shadows, radiant emblems and a textured backdrop—the dynamic patterns of Haunted Nights make it easy to be mesmerized in a world of make-believe. Whether you’re donning an outfit that’s been planned for months, helping little ones pick the perfect costume, or simply going as yourself (in it for the candy!) Halloween is a time to enjoy all the fun of a night that’s larger-than-life. So, here’s to making sweet memories—trick or treat!

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