Hanukkah Gifts: Ate Crazy Nights

hanukkah gifts: ate crazy nights

Let there be light, love and joy! With eight nights of Hanukkah to celebrate, there are certainly lots of opportunities to showcase some serious gifting flair. What's the best way to express a fun gift-giving style while still honoring Hanukkah traditions? Here are some unique gifts from our 2015 collection focused on colors, tastes and celebrating together.

  1. Signature Hanukkah Tackle Box
    • We're loving this beautiful signature tackle box filled with joy! Gold Sixlets, Blue Raspberry Taffy, Pina Colada Fruit Sours, Non Pariel Pretzels, Caribbean Punch Mike & Ikes and Hershey's Kisses make for the perfect mix of blue, white and gold candies. Shine on with color-and a little something for everyone.
  2. Potato Latke Chocolate Bar
    • Have you heard about our Potato Latke Chocolate Bar? One of our tastiest and most exciting Hanukkah confections yet, this mouthwatering combination of the holiday's essentials (latkes and chocolate!) is complete with a crazy-good, crunchy potato chip surprise. Yum!
  3. Hanukkah Petite Cookies
    • What's Hanukkah without memories and sharing? Make some more of your own with our Petite Cookie set featuring Dreidels, Jewish Stars, Rainbow Menorahs, Gelt and a cute Mench. Great for parties and hostess gifts, our little cookies are a yummy, crafty way to indulge and enjoy together.

What sort of fun Hanukkah gifts appeal to you? Check us out in-store now and online.

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