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2016 Gift Guide

gifts under $25

Who ever said super sweet couldn't be super easy, too? This category is perhaps the largest of them all—we know sometimes generosity runs wild (and that's a beautiful thing!) Here are some ideas for when you want to give little warm wishes, you're treating a larger group, or when you need something last-minute and totally genius. We love the creative gifts below... all full of no-fail fun!

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dylan's candy bar mensch hanukkah cookie

Dylan's Candy Bar Mensch Hanukkah Cookie


dylan's candy bar hanukkah mensch mints

Dylan's Candy Bar Hanukkah Mensch Mints


dylan's candy bar hanukkah 3d menorah cookie

Dylan's Candy Bar Hanukkah 3D Menorah Cookie


dylan's candy bar hanukkah 3 bar pack

Dylan's Candy Bar Hanukkah 3 Bar Pack


dylan's candy bar hanukkah petite cookies

Dylan's Candy Bar Hanukkah Petite Cookies


dylan's candy bar signature hanukkah paint can

Dylan's Candy Bar Signature Hanukkah Paint Can


dylan's candy bar hanukkah potato latke bar - 2 oz.

Dylan's Candy Bar Hanukkah Potato Latke Bar - 2 oz.