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Think Outside the Office:
Corporate Gifting Ideas

corporate gifting ideas

Okay, so it's not always easy to pick out gifts for a big group of people (and trust us, we know from experience!) It can be a challenge to please so many taste buds, which is why we've taken the guesswork out of it with our new Corporate Gifting Catalog that's filled with our best-selling signature items. Want to know the best part? Everything can totally be personalized with things like logos, photos, company-branded colors and custom candy fills. (Um, awesome!) Check out some of our gifting ideas below—and let us help you tie them up with a bow.

1. Treat Your Employees

There's nothing sweeter than showing employees appreciation after a long year of hard work. What better way to celebrate company pride than with customized candy? Try adding a company logo, fun group photo or inspirational quote onto one of our signature items—and deck out every desk with a pop of color.

Personalize our: Chocolate Swatches, Chocolate Covered Oreos & Whirly Pops

2. Impress Star Clients

We get it—your clients are the milk to your cookies. We couldn't agree more, so let's prove it to them! Your contact will probably want to share your gift with others, so it's best to have a little something for everyone. Try our buckets and towers with multiple candies inside, and add their logo for a double the excitement.

Personalize our: Sweet Treat Towers, Turquoise Tins & Gift Buckets

3. Surprise Leaders & Management

Uh oh. Time to treat the boss. (What to do?) Often we forget bosses are people too, with cravings of their own. Think of this as an opportunity to dazzle them with your taste in candy and color. We suggest one of our new, super gourmet options selected by our gifting experts with a custom label. Show off your unique style—and stylish side.

Personalize our: Stack A-Round Set & Gold Collection Chocolate

4. Sweeten Up Parties

We love a good party! Luckily, so does pretty much every other company under the sun. No event is truly complete without something unexpected, which is why this is the time to go all out. Try personalized treats as table centerpieces—or display them all together as candy bar, dessert station and party favors all-in-one (voilà!)

Personalize our: Paint Cans, Stack A-Rounds & 3D Gummies

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