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Labels of Love:
Valentine’s Day Personalization

labels of love: valentine’s day personalization

Have you guys seen creative Valentine's Day gift ideas out there and thought, why didn't I think of that? We totally get it, that's why we've taken the time to do the thinking for us all with quick, easy, clever gifts you can personalize with Design Shoppe! Make one for everyone you heart from your significant other, to your best friend, to your co-workers and teachers! All you need to do is pick a treat, create your label and viola—you've got a gift full of flavor and thought.

"You Make Me Nuts"

Know a chocolate lover or someone who simply drives you wild? Let 'em know by personalizing one of our signature bars—you'll make their taste buds go bonkers!

"I'm a Sucker for You"

Ha! Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned whirly pop on a cold winter's day? Let the nostalgia run all over your valentine by showing them you care—and you're sticking with them.

"You're a Smart Cookie"

Not sure what to say to your crush but want them to know you still kiss the sweet ground they walk on? Flatter them with a fun line (without the mush!) and a no-fail snack.

"Hooked on You"

One of Dylan's favorite candies, check out these gummy fish in one of our super cool soda can fillables. Gift it to your valentine and share a giggle—and if not, plenty of fish in the sea!

"Gimme Some Sugar"

We surely couldn't leave out lip smacking on Valentine's Day could we? (Blushing!) Pop these gummy lip cuties into a pretty jar and you can skip sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

"I Dig You"

This idea is adorable for a girlfriend, little tot or someone who makes you squirm with love. Featuring both gummy worms and chocolate, it's the best of both worlds (above ground!)

"You Make Me Melt"

In a relationship built to last with your sweetie or best friend? Treat 'em... like really treat 'em to our super chocolate-y Signature Tacklebox with and an ooey-gooey message.

Feeling inspired? Go, you! Head over to Design Shoppe and create your custom labels, or visit us in-store and use one of our interactive touchscreens.