Mean Girls Collaboration Inspiration: II

mean girls ii

Innovation plays an important role in all Dylan’s Candy Bar products, but a commitment to coolness certainly shines with the Mean Girls collection. This all-hands-on-deck project had the whole corporate office a-buzz, each person influenced by different facets of the movie in order to truly bring it to life

"We did our research and came up with an inspiration board. How can we replicate the fun of Mean Girls? How can we do it as Dylan’s Candy Bar? For example, there's a scene in the movie when Mrs. George was carrying margaritas and says, ‘I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.’ From there, I reached out to one of my vendors for a pink drinkware fillable we could use for candy and I filled it with pineapple gummy bears to give it the effect of wine. I thought that this concept suited the spirit of the movie!"
Michele Polito, Buyer

“I was already familiar with the movie, of course, so I dug deeper into some famous quotes. I would look at a quote and match it with some cool products that were out there that I thought we could use for the collection… it was totally fun! Everything looks really beautiful, too. I can’t wait!”
Shayna Emmett, Assistant Buyer

“The artistic approach to our Mean Girls collection is all about glorifying fun colors and imagery from the movie. The Plastics are known for their sense of high fashion, so we used that as our platform to create unique patterns like embossed cheetah print and kiss marks. You’ll also find the underlying tones of the movie within the art—secrets, gossip and broken hearts!”
Brian Leister, Creative Director

“I drew inspiration from the ‘Burn Book’ from the movie with all the pinks and purples. We had an idea of the way we wanted it to look and used the different colors to show the gradient of the characters, too.”
Suhyun Park, Art Director

When creating a colossal, sure-fire hit collection, the Dylan’s Candy Bar team knows how important it is to remember not only why we’re creating the collection but also who we are creating it for. By combining inventive product ideas with larger-than-life lines, the collection aims at understanding the power of a tasty treat and a good giggle. Living, loving and laughing together is just another way to enjoy the sweet life—no matter where you may sit!

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