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3 Ways To Beautify Your Baked Goods This Fall

As we head into October and the time for baking boo-tiful treats nears, we’ve got you covered with candies to spruce up your fall recipes! The brand-new treats from our Fall Collection aren’t just eye candy. They’re delicious & festive confections from every candy food group that are perfect for placing on chocolate bark, mixing into cookie dough, & adding to more fall baking recipes! These fall treats are sure to dress up your delicious desserts – and serve as a superb snack while you decorate. Read below for more on creating the most fall-bulous baked goods! 

Looking to (pumpkin) spice up your pumpkin loaves? The autumn-themed chocolates, hard candy, and gummies in our Fall Festivities Tackle Box are perfect for adding to this fall dessert staple.

  • If you’re baking for a choco-holic, the milk chocolate fall leaves in this Tackle Box are sure to taste terrific folded into the batter! 


Who doesn’t love chocolate bark that’s choc full of fall candy? The festive chocolates, hard candy, and gummies from our brand-new Bulk Candy Bags are sure to add a festival of flavor to your fall chocolate bark.  


Do you consider yourself a cookie monster? Try adding our fall chocolate and hard candy to your cookie recipes!  


Loving your dressed-up desserts? Tag us @DylansCandyBar #DylansCandyBar 

And don’t forget to check out our Halloween and Fall Collections for other delicious delights that are sweet for the season!