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How To Rebound From Aggression

how to rebound from aggression

Alecia Evans

I have had trainers tell me that they will not re-introduce dogs that fight for at least 7 days. WHY? In my experience with the In Sync Method I feel that the next moment is the best time to readdress, reintroduce and recondition the behaviors. But the first biggest question that has to be asked is WHY did it happen in the first place. There are 3 main types of aggression: 1. Fear based but comes off as angry 2. Calculated aggression to back off the other 3. Purely aggressive dogs that are really wounded.

In each of these types of aggression there is a compensation pattern taking over the dog. If they are fearful, they will eventually bite to protect themselves. If they are passive/aggressive- they are lacking the confidence of authentic leadership. And if they are purely aggressive they could have a deeper issue taking place such as: a misaligned spine, a potential thyroid imbalance, improper nutrition, lack of adequate exercise, poor human leadership and boundaries, or a very large compensation pattern taking place.

Having worked with a lot of behavior cases, I am a big believer in the body affecting the behavior in dogs. Simplest way to see this: If you didn't have a body you wouldn't have a behavior. So I am a very big fan of checking the dogs spine and referring to a chiropractor or bodywork professional if I notice anything that does not feel comfortable to the dog as I palpate down the spine.

I start with checking the body first because I have seen such incredible results when I have identified where the dog is feeling tight or tense and then use a muscle tension release technique to release the tight muscle which then in turn releases the tension on the vertebrae and ribs. I have observed over 85% of the behavior issue diminishing within 10 minutes of the muscle release.

What I am seeing is that when the dogs back is tight, the energy in their spine cannot flow properly which means that their Cerebral Spine Fluid cannot flow naturally and there is a corresponding blockage in the central nervous system which lowers the dog's ability to handle stress and think clearly. And this is more likely the root of the aggressive behavior. By trying to train a dog to override their natural instinct when they have a misalignment in the spine can be dangerous but is also counter productive to having a calm relaxed dog whose energy is flowing clearly.

So if you are dealing with aggression please schedule time to see a veterinary chiropractor in your area to ensure that your dog's neck and spine are in alignment and see if you notice a major change in your dog's behavior.

Alecia Evans

Alecia Evans is America's Animal Healer. If Dr. Doolittle, Dr. Phil and Dear Abbey had a love child, it would be Alecia. Holistic Dog Trainer, Professional Animal Wellness Consultant, and Relationship Coach for humans and their animal companions, she consults with clients the world over, offering natural, safe, effective, holistic options and education on the topics of: health, emotional, and behavioral issues concerning their animals.

Alecia is the author of: The In Sync™ Method: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Unleash Your Greatest Potential. Never feeling right about choking dogs and unsuspecting puppies to train them, Alecia invented The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System as the gold standard of training tools in order to end the choking of dogs during training and walking.

She is an award winning TV and Radio Host, featured columnist, author, lecturer and workshop presenter on Natural Dog Training. Her work has been featured on: Fox and Friends, The Sandra Glosser Show, Plum TV and in Animal Wellness Magazine, Pup Culture Magazine. Aspen Magazine, Dogtipper.com, The New York Daily News, and Woof Report. She is the training expert for Dogtipper.com, The Big Bark, and a columnist for Pup Culture Magazine.

Alecia is the founder of National Train Humane Day, a world-wide virtual campaign to evolving the tools we use to train and walk dogs and pups to be humane and pain free. Alecia believes prevention and proper education about the best training methods and tools will begin to limit the number of dogs given up for adoption.

She currently resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her dogs and 2 horses. She can be reached at: info@dogwalkinsync.com visit: www.WalkInSync.com

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