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What If You Need More Training Than Your Dog

what if you need more training than your dog

Somewhere around my 700th training session I began to notice that I often share similar messages from the dogs with their humans. I found myself saying consistent things over and over to the humans. Things like be consistent, say what you mean and mean what you say and make sure your dog registers the energy of what you just said. I also began to observe that I was working less and less on the commands with the dogs. This was interesting because as I focused on the leadership energy of the humans, the dogs seemed to get all of their commands so much more easily and naturally.

Over the years working with so many different breeds, ages and temperaments I have come to see that there actually is a universal language that all dogs understand that is deeply woven into the fabric of their beings. This universal language began with the wolf societies and has been passed down to the dog societies as well. This language is not the outer language of positioning of tongues and tails, instead it goes deeper, it is the language of intention and it is read through the energetic frequency of the field in and around the dog or human. This language is so instinctual and primal that any dog that was taught it as a pup never forgets it. This language is very subtle, silent almost and yet it speaks volumes to those who know it's dialect.

This language of the canine is almost becoming a lost art as science attempts to tell us what dogs know. But there are 2 inherent issues with science: 1. It never takes into account the bigger picture or connected whole like physics does 2. And maybe this is so obvious it should be #1, dogs don't understand science, they understand the language of energy and this is generally not measured by science as it can only be observed and not always repeated exactly.

My practice of training has dramatically transformed over the years. Early on I saw my role as dog trainer who was responsible for turning the dog's behavior around. As the years went by I began to see the situation from the dog's perspective who would share with me how their humans were not honoring the simple but very important rules of Authentic Leadership. So as an experiment I began showing up willing to hear from the dogs and following their instructions that they believed would help their human rebalance the behavior issue. And lo and behold the results became off the charts great with much less effort and frustration experienced by either dog or human. I believe this is due to my ability to see and honor the natural flow of the relationship between the human and the dog which became unclear followed by a disruption in flow left both beings feel out of sync. I see my role now as an observer, a pin-pointer who is able to see disharmony and assists both human and dog in finding the natural flow in their communication once again.

These experiences over the years have demonstrated to me that often times if the human can understand and embody the energy of Authentic Leadership their relationship with their dog will transform into one respect, clarity, deeper affection and right order. You see Authentic Leadership is a deeper ingrained language that every dog knows so once the human learns that language then the naturalness of the relationship is reestablished with ease. So next time you or anyone you know feels the need to correct their dog's behavior take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if there is something your dog is trying to teach you.

Alecia Evans

Alecia Evans is America's Animal Healer. If Dr. Doolittle, Dr. Phil and Dear Abbey had a love child, it would be Alecia. Holistic Dog Trainer, Professional Animal Wellness Consultant, and Relationship Coach for humans and their animal companions, she consults with clients the world over, offering natural, safe, effective, holistic options and education on the topics of: health, emotional, and behavioral issues concerning their animals.

Alecia is the author of: The In Sync™ Method: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Unleash Your Greatest Potential. Never feeling right about choking dogs and unsuspecting puppies to train them, Alecia invented The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System as the gold standard of training tools in order to end the choking of dogs during training and walking.

She is an award winning TV and Radio Host, featured columnist, author, lecturer and workshop presenter on Natural Dog Training. Her work has been featured on: Fox and Friends, The Sandra Glosser Show, Plum TV and in Animal Wellness Magazine, Pup Culture Magazine. Aspen Magazine, Dogtipper.com, The New York Daily News, and Woof Report. She is the training expert for Dogtipper.com, The Big Bark, and a columnist for Pup Culture Magazine.

Alecia is the founder of National Train Humane Day, a world-wide virtual campaign to evolving the tools we use to train and walk dogs and pups to be humane and pain free. Alecia believes prevention and proper education about the best training methods and tools will begin to limit the number of dogs given up for adoption.

She currently resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her dogs and 2 horses. She can be reached at: info@dogwalkinsync.com visit: www.WalkInSync.com

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