Who's Your Wonder Woman?

who's your wonder woman?

Eat. Sleep. Save the world. Repeat. It seems every day there's a new goal to reach, motivating us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. For decades now, Wonder Woman has been the emblem of female strength, revolutionizing the idea that only men can be super heroes. Combining her Amazon warrior combat skills with a deep compassion for understanding others, she used her innate kindness to save the world. As the Goddess of Truth (not to mention with whip-cool lassos and kickin' boots) her determination is undeniable--and we all know a woman who's just as inspiring.

We want to know--who's your Wonder Woman? (Could she be your mother, sister, best friend or teacher?) Show us by entering our Instagram competition, uploading a photo with a caption about who she is and why she inspires you! Tag us and use competition our hashtags: #CandyGirlPOWer and #WonderWoman75th. It doesn't have to be fancy, just speak from the heart for your chance to win the ultimate grand prize... the ENTIRE keepsake collection!

Until we announce our lucky winner, we invite you to carry on as Wonder Woman might agree... work hard, be sweet and stay wonderful. Good luck!

  • "My daughter, Ani, is my Wonder (soon-to-be) Woman. Since the age of 3 when she jumped at the opportunity to be Wonder Woman for Halloween and helped create her custom outfit (she rocked it, btw,) she has maintained a fearless spirit, inspiring me to do the same. Now that she's 10, her dad and I will continue to support her as a young woman and beyond, so she can take on the world each day!"

    -Rashida Vasquez, Customer Service Manager
    (Pictured above, far left)

  • "I feel like all moms are real life super heroes, but my mom is my wonder woman because she always comes to the rescue in any situation I find myself in. From driving across the country to send me to dance auditions to helping me pack my life into a suitcase and buying a one-way ticket to NYC, she has always been willing to make sacrifices in order to help me follow my dreams."

    -Kristy Roman, Event Planner
    (Pictured above, center)

  • "My choice of Wonder Woman came easy; it's my grandmother, Marie Murray. Mother of 9, grandmother of 22 and great grandmother of 10 (#11 on the way) there's no doubting her wonder. She's creative, kind and selfless--and to her, age is just a number. A long time civil rights advocate and political enthusiast, she knows her stuff. She is fierce, loyal, a true mama bear and I'm so fortunate to have her be mine."

    -Dana Rodio, Vice President of Communication & Events
    (Pictured above, far right with Dana's son, Leo)

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