One of the sweetest parts about candy is how it can transport you to moments throughout your life. The sweet snack you had on your first date at the movies, cotton candy from family trips to the carnival or a favorite holiday confection can bring you back in an instant. We like to reminisce on these candy memories often; it’s one of our favorite things about what we do! Take a trip down memory lane with our famous candy timeline and see what sweet memories come to mind…you might just reach for a treat when you’re done!

Candy by Decade: 


1900: Hershey Bar
(Hershey bars were originally sold for just a nickel, making chocolate an accessible treat)


1921: Baby Ruth
1922: Abba-Zabba
1924: Dum-dums
1925: Charleston Chew
(A popular way to eat a Charleston Chew is straight out of the freezer!)


 1935: Sugar Babies
1936: 5th Avenue Bar


1940: York Peppermint Patty
1941: Peanut M&Ms
1949: Smarties
(To this day, smarties are gluten-free!)


1950: Look! Bar
1950: Hot Tamales
1952: Pixy Stix
1952: Pez
1953: Peeps®
(Peeps® aren’t just for Easter. There are fluffy versions for Halloween, Christmas and summertime!)
1955: Chick-o-Sticks
1956: Pop Rocks
(Pop Rocks were invented accidentally by a chemist developing an instant soft drink)
1958: Candy Necklace
1958: Swedish Fish
1950s: Satellite Wafers


1962: Now & Laters
1962: SweeTARTS®
1963: Astro Pop
1963: Cadbury Crème Egg
(See the unique way our founder eats these treats)
1964: 100 Grand Bar
1966: Razzles
(Razzles were originally made in just one flavor—raspberry!)
1969: Fruit Stripe Gum


1972: Bottle Caps
1973: Fun Dip
1973: Blow Pops
1975: Bubble Yum
1976: Jelly Belly
(The most popular flavor of jelly belly’s is one of the originals—Very Cherry!)
1976: Starbursts
1978: Reese’s Pieces
(Two weeks after the 1982 premiere of the classic movie E.T., Hershey saw a 65% jump in sales on these tiny treats!)
1979: Ring Pops
1979: Skittles
1970s: Laffy Taffy


1980: Big League Chew
(Created by MLB players, the chew was pitched as a healthier alternative to chewing tobacco)
1982: Runts
1983: Nerds
1985: Sour Patch Kids
(These sour bites were originally made in just lemon, lime, orange and cherry flavors…sorry, blue raspberry lovers!)
1985: Airheads
1986: Push Pops


1990s: Nerds Rope
1990s: Giant SweeTARTS
1990s: Wonder Ball
(Wonder Balls originally contained prizes like toys and stickers, but now contain more sweet treats instead)
1990: Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug
1991: Cry Baby Bubble Gum
1993: Warheads Sour Candy
(Three types of acid are used to give Warheads their sour kick!)
1998: Baby Bottle Pops

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