Creative Ways To Use Our Candy In Your Recipes

Creative Ways To Use Our Candy In Your Recipes

As we head into June and school is out for the summer, there’s now plenty of time to make sweet treats with family & friends! If you're feeling uninspired by your go-to recipes, we’ve got you covered with creative ideas on how to add our candy to classic desserts. Read below for more on how to have the sweetest day of summer fun with our candy! 

If you’re a self-proclaimed chocoholic, our delicious Signature Chocolate Bars are the perfect addition to any cookie or brownie recipe!  

If you’re baking for some cookie monsters, try breaking up our bars as a replacement for chocolate chips in a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe.

If you’re feeling sweet about the start of summer, use our Milk Chocolate S’Mores Bar for a campfire-inspired cookie.  

For a luxurious version of a chocolate chip cookie, use our Milk Chocolate Bar, White Chocolate Bar, or Dark Chocolate Bar.  

If you’re planning a treat for a chocolate cookie fanatic, our Cookies & Cream Bar as a replacement for chocolate chips will bake their day. 

For an ultra-indulgent chocolate cookie, use our Dark Chocolate Brownie Batter Bar – it’s sure to make a chocolate lover melt.

If you love brownies a choco-lot, add our candies to your favorite recipe to create the best brownies ever!  

On the hunt to create the best trail mix ever? Our Signature Tackle Boxes and Paint Cans are the perfect addition to any easy trail mix recipe!  

If you looking to add decadence to your at-home trail mix, our Chocolate Lovers Tackle Box has all the chocolate candy needed for a yummy, chocolate-themed mix.  

If you’re creating trail mix for kids, our Signature Tackle Box contains treats from every candy food group that taste spectacular when mixed. 

If you can’t decide between sour and sweet, our Sweet ‘n Sour Paint Can has a delicious combination of sour gummies and chocolate that’s sure to spruce up your homemade trail mix.  

Do you consider yourself a baking aficionado? Dress up your cupcakes or cakes with cute candy toppings that will make decorating kid-friendly and fun!  

Throwing a beach-themed party this summer? Our Under The Sea Grab & Go Pouches and Milk Chocolate Covered Red Fish Bulk Bags are oceans of fun for sea animal lovers. These easy toppings are sure to make at-home cake decorating a breeze! 

Who doesn’t love chocolate bark that’s choc full of candy? Our colorful sour candies & gummies make great additions to your homemade chocolate bark!  

For summer-themed chocolate bark, take your favorite chocolate bark recipe and add gummies from our Gummy Ice Cream Cones Bulk Bag, Mini Gummy Butterflies Bulk Bag, Triple Gummy Hearts Bulk Bag, and Sour Gummy Ice Pops Bulk Bag to the top of your finished bark.  

For super colorful chocolate bark, you can add food coloring to our White Chocolate Bar after melting!  

Are you a superfan of fondue? Our gummy candies & Signature Chocolate Bars combined make for the tastiest chocolate-covered treats!  

For the most luscious chocolate dip, melt our Milk Chocolate Bars, White Chocolate Bars, or Dark Chocolate Bars.  

For the tastiest treats to dip in chocolate, use our Gummy Strawberries ‘n Cream Bulk Bag and 3D Gummy Fruit Bulk Bag for an even sweeter version of chocolate-dipped fruit!   

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And don’t forget to check out our Neon Summer Collection for other delicious delights that are sweet for the season!  

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