So, what's up with all the adorable dogs all over our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Dylan's Candy BarN, of course! In the spirit of our Easter 2016 concept, we are so excited to share this photo series of candy canines all dressed up and ready to hop. The best part is, we are not only dog lovers, but we are dog owners, too—each pup belongs to someone from our very own corporate headquarters. Five minutes of fame… meets sit-and-stay!

Our creative department was hard at work to ensure each dog received the royal treatment during the shoot, which included their own specially designed attire. Though there were certainly a lot of cuties to keep track of, it was such a fun day having our furry friends with us—the office was completely abuzz with laughs and (slobbery!) smiles. Moments like these offer a wonderful opportunity to recognize that having animals around can foster so much love at work, at home and everywhere else.

We hope that you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed creating them. This Easter, please consider donating to Dylan's Candy BarN, shopping some of our colorful products and spreading the word about our meaningful cause! Taking a paws this Easter can help us reflect on how helping animals in need and giving them good homes can bring our even more happiness into our lives. Let's all hop to it—and adopt!

Follow our journey and tag us on yours: @DylansCandyBarN #Dylan's Candy BarN #HopToIt

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