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Waking up to tons of sweets on Easter morning never gets old — but if there's anything Dylan's Candy Bar does best, it's making candy an even bigger part of the festivities! We've got a craft for colorful, edible baskets that are fun for your family, friends, roommates and more to make together so you can all have double the candy (smart, huh?) this year.


  • Four boxes of movie theater candy (we used Runts® and NERDS®)
  • Candy Buttons
  • Foiled Chocolate Chicks, Carrots and Bunnies
  • Edible Easter Grass (available at our store!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Foam core
  • Candy for inside basket: Mini Golden Surprise Egg, 2 oz. Easter Bar, Foiled Easter Bunnies, Easter 4-Bar Gift Set




Hot glue your four candy boxes into the shape of a rectangle onto your foam core and glue the sides of the boxes together.
Next, hot glue your foiled chocolate chicks, carrots and bunnies around the perimeter of the candy boxes.
Hot glue the both ends of the strip of candy buttons onto the inside of opposite boxes to create a handle for the basket.
Fill the basket with edible grass and delicious Easter candy!


To create your own edible Easter basket, you can find candy online or at any of our Dylan's Candy Bar stores.