Among some of my favorite things, besides candy and bunnies, are flowers. I love flowers because they are true eye candy! The world is much more colorful with them. When I run in Central Park under pink, cotton candy-like cherry blossoms, walk past bright yellow daffodils on the way to work or stop to smell my favorite pink rose in a garden, I'm immediately happy.

When the rains and winds arrive, Fall comes, or I forgot to put water in the vase, the sight of a browned, wilted, petal-less flower is so upsetting! That's why I've become obsessed with artificial flowers. They last forever and even though they don't have a scent, the beautiful array of colors is enough to stimulate my senses. For years, I've been decorating my home with fake flowers. Most of the time guests who admire them don't even realize they're fake! What I like most is that I can any flower I can imagine at one time in a store like Michael's, for less than I'd get them at a florist (plus they last forever!)

 The flowers’ colors remind me of candy, particularly our bulk candy section, Color Your World. I particularly like flowers with an ombre of colors within their petals. There's something about fake flowers that's reminiscent of the set design of some of my favorite movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. These movies inspired Dylan’s Candy Bar and are dear to my heart!

I'm super excited to be using flowers as the motif for our Sweet Spring Season to celebrate Easter, Mother’s Day and hopefully a brighter future. My inspiration for the collection’s graphics stem from a floral motif on a Sevres design (17th Century) porcelain plate my mom received from her Austrian mother, as well as the packaging for a French soap which I bought not to use, but to add to my shelf of collectible inspirations.

We want to bring the joy of our flower shop—what we originally planned to display in-store—into your homes to put a spring in your step. We've "picked" our favorite items from the collection to feature online—get ready for flowers in every candy food group! Flowers made of lollipops, chocolates, gummies and more will be available, and crafting your own bouquet is highly encouraged. These items provide a cheerful Spring in a way that embodies the Dylan’s Candy Bar Spirit; with color, energy and a whole lot of fun. Our edible flowers look so real, the recipient will be surprised! But when they smell or eat them, they'll be way more thrilled. Send gorgeous flower treats to friends and family to let them know you’re thinking of them, or ship to yourself for an instant pick-me-up. Either way, they’ll remind you that Spring is in the air and that there’s always brightness to be found in the world.

May Each Step You Take Be Sweet,


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