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Mom’s got a sweet tooth? This year, upgrade your flower bouquet for her with something beautiful and delicious. With our tips on how to make a candy bouquet, it will be super easy. Make a DIY homemade candy bouquet using all her favorite treats for her special day. Grab your supplies and get your candy crafting on with our Mother's Day candy bouquet ideas and instructions!

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden skewers or craft sticks
  • Tissue Paper
  • Candy (use both full-size and mini candies for variety)
  1. 1. Run a line of hot glue down both the wooden skewers and the candies (whatever you choose for her!). Attach the skewer to the candy and make sure you let it dry. You can also insert a skewer directly into the wrapper or glue it right into the seam for extra security.
  2. 2. Layer your tissue paper, but make sure it’s staggered to create more dimension. Start laying down your candies onto the tissue paper to form a bouquet.
  3. 3. Carefully fold tissue paper up towards the bottom of bouquet. Once that’s secure, start to roll the tissue paper in on each side of the bouquet.
  4. 4. Tie the bottom of the bouquet with ribbon and voila! You’re ready to give Mom the sweetest surprise.

To create your own candy bouquet, pick up sweet treats in our mother's day candy section  or in stores.