Our Candy Connoisseurs Talk Treats & Holiday Traditions

Our Candy Connoisseurs Talk Treats & Holiday Traditions

At Dylan’s Candy Bar, we pride ourselves on not only our sweet selection of everyday candies but also our seasonal selections throughout the year. 

The holidays can be a stressful time for some, especially when it comes to choosing gifts for friends, family, and coworkers. Whether you’re looking for a festive delight to bring to a gift exchange, a Kosher treat for a latke-making Hanukkah party, or a Santa-approved dessert, our candy connoisseurs are here to help! Our store employees at the Dylan’s Candy Bar Hudson Yards and Los Angeles locations dished on the candies they incorporate into their holiday traditions so you can find your new favorites!  

“We go to our grandmother’s house for Christmas Eve and celebrate together, and my brother and I play Christmas carols on our saxophone and violin. What I love the most about the holidays is being allowed to eat as many sweets as I want, especially spiced gumdrops!” -Langston, General Manager of Dylan’s Candy Bar Hudson Yards 

“My family and I play games and eat our favorite Jamaican meals we don’t normally have on a regular day. Candy, especially the mix inside the Chocolate Lovers Tackle Box, reminds me that sweets can bring people together just like food does for my family!”

-Samiya, Sales Associate at Dylan’s Candy Bar Hudson Yards 

“In addition to watching Christmas classics, like It’s A Wonderful Life, on Christmas Eve, we make Christmas cookies and spend time with family and friends. We also decorate gingerbread houses every year with all types of candies, like the ones in the Deconstructed Gingerbread House Tackle Box!” -Alison, Sales Associate at Dylan’s Candy Bar Hudson Yards 

“I really enjoy buying thoughtful gifts! I’ve already bought a few Tackle Boxes as gifts, and so far, the Chocolate Lovers and Dark Chocolate options have been the most popular with family and friends. Gift-giving is something everyone in my family truly loves doing.” -Eden, Sales Associate at Dylan’s Candy Bar Los Angeles 

I’m Filipina, and we love to celebrate the holidays or any special occasion! Of our two famous holiday traditions, my favorite is Noche Buena (the Night of Christmas Eve) because families and friends get together and have a big Christmas dinner. I love catching up with my family and close cousins. It makes me happy to see how much we’ve all changed in a year! In addition, Filipinos don’t like to show up empty-handed, so bringing food or a gift basket to share, like our Deluxe Candy Cakes, shows respect to the host.” -Janine, Café Associate at Dylan’s Candy Bar Los Angeles  

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