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Let It Bloom

This Spring, we’re all about gorgeous, colorful flowers. Our CEO & Creative Director Dylan Lauren wanted to bring the magic of candy to life through flowers so bright they look good enough to eat. She brought that vision into existence with a giant floral wreath installation and flower crown crafts!

We can’t get enough color—the more vibrant the blossom, the better! For our giant wreath, we wanted to incorporate all the shades from the iconic Dylan’s Candy Bar stripe and create a show stopping pop-art experience. The result is the perfect blend of the spirit of springtime and bright, candy-inspired color.

Feeling inspired? Get creative, choose your own color scheme and make your own! Whether you have your own garden or the closest you get to a green thumb is a ceramic cactus, you can create a beautiful floral wreath. Use it to brighten your living space, spice up your video conference background or hang it in your bedroom—the possibilities are endless. With a little extra Dylan’s Candy Bar flair (hello, wrapped chocolates!) this craft offers an opportunity for a sweet pick-me-up whenever you walk by.


You will need: 

  • Ribbon
  • A base for your wreath
    We used a Styrofoam wreath board, but there are plenty of materials you can find around your house! Try a foam pool noodle, cutting a foam board into a ring or cutting out the center of a paper plate. 
  • Faux Flowers
    Use pre-made silk flowers or craft your own out of tissue paper.
    ( paper-rose-craft/ )
  • Wire cutters or Scissors
  • Toothpicks 
  • Assorted Wrapped Candies 
    Our favorites are foil-wrapped chocolates, Hershey kisses and jolly rancher
  • Any extra decorations
    Old Mardi Gras beads, bows or even pins can give your wreath a personal touch.


  1. Tie ribbon onto foam wreath creating a loop to use to hang your creation when you’re done!
  2. Trim flower stems, leaving enough to push into your base but not so much that the stem pokes out the other side.
  3. If using a paper base, make small holes with scissors to weave flowers through.
  4. Start poking flowers through, alternating with leaves and other greenery to fill the wreath.
  5. Use toothpicks or glue to attach foiled chocolates to the base.
  6. Let dry and choose a place to display…don’t forget to share your results with us!


You will need: 


  1. Measure wire to fit your head and clip it, leaving a bit of extra length so you’ll be able to twist ends together.
  2. Bend the wire into a circular crown shape and twist the ends together.
  3. Cover the wire with floral tape completely.
  4. Start adding flowers one at a time, leaving 2 inches of the stem on to affix to wire using floral tape. To achieve our look, place the flower stems in the same direction.
  5. Add in greenery, chocolate foiled roses, and lollipops using the same process.
  6. You can wrap ribbon around entire crown too if you want to cover the floral tape!

Show us your finished crafts & tag @dylanscandybar  #dylanscandybar on Instagram for a chance to be featured!