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We've Got Spirit:
Wine & Candy Pairings

wine and candy pairing

So, we've seen a few wine and candy guides out there lately—and we thought you guys should totally get the lowdown from us! (I mean... we're putting the bar in Dylan's Candy Bar.) We asked our candy experts to sit down and skillfully select pairings based on their knowledge of candy color, textures and flavors. After some fun taste testing, we're ready to give you guys a glass full of suggestions—and some of them may surprise you far beyond happy hour.

Cabernet—Rainbow Sour Belts

A worldwide favorite, Cabernet is made from ripe fruits and best known for its versatility in brightening things up. While you might assume chocolate would be our #1 match for this full-bodied wine, we really like the bouncy, unexpected flavor of rainbow sour belts—proof this vino's got some serious range.

Merlot—Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins

Another full-of-flavor and Earthy wine, we love the deeply dark reddish-purple color of Merlot. Because of its crazy-delicious concentration, Merlot is great paired with black berries, Zante currants and at least 65% cocoa to boost its spicy notes. (Dark chocolate covered raisins #forthewin!)

Pinot Noir—Dark Chocolate OMG's Clusters

Did someone say sweet and salty? Pinot Noir has a nutty, bold flavor that sends your taste-buds on a trip to wow-town. With so much personality, we love pairing dark chocolate with a bit of a crunch to it to balance out the bitter with something sweet and interesting. Try it and let us know? Munch appreciated.

Chardonnay—Vanilla OMG's Clusters

Oh, hey Chardonnay! It's a no-brainer that Chardonnay would be perfect with a vanilla-based candy since it's got so many buttery notes. After all, smooth flavors often swim around to make a splash when you're craving something heavenly. Grab your favorite vanilla or white chocolate candy... and dive into the divine.

Riesling—Green Apple or Strawberry Pop Rocks®

Strawberry fields... forever! Riesling is considered by many to be a dessert wine and we couldn't agree more. The light, unapologetic sweetness pairs well with fruity, equally sweet candy. We love the punchiness of Pop Rocks to really make the flavor profile burst, for a complete dessert-on-dessert explosion.

Rosé—Swedish Fish®

Trendy is Rosé's middle name... and relaxation its game. For a flavor with so much to savor, our suggestion is to sweep to the peachy, honey notes of this wine with a wine-aromatic candy itself (seriously—that's how it's been described!) Put tried-and-true Swedish Fish to the test—and smile for a sippin' selfie.

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